I Built a Workbench

on Chris Martin's Blog


Design goals at odds with each other:

  • Bolts together for easy disassembly and moving (I tend to move somewhat frequently)
  • No weeble wobbles

Loosely followed this popular design with some modifications:

  • Used 2x6 instead of 2x4s to frame the work surface, so that I could get two bolts through each leg with 4" vertical spacing. This eliminates side-to-side weeble wobbles.
  • Doubled up the 2x4 legs (with screws and glue) to make 4(ish)x4 legs which partially butt against the frame.
  • 3/4" instead of 1/2" plywood.
  • No joists in the frame for the top shelf. This allows for recess-mounting the shop light to eliminate glare.

Under duress, the bench has some minor front-to-back weeble wobbles which could be eliminated with diagonal bracing in the legs.

bench bare

bench disassembled

Comes apart like Ikea furniture! Weighs about 160 lbs without the vise, no piece more than 70 lbs, so easy for one person to move.


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